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March 17, 2008


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Yes, I remember how you whistled in the Kindergarten. In the beginning any one couldn`t find out it was you. When one of teachers (my mother) found it was you. But you told it was your sister. Then both of you started to quarel. It was so funny to see. Your sister Chamathka started to cry you laughed as same as now. You were four years then. Any way all of us ask you to whistle again. You refused it. When you were very friendly and closed to us you whistled infront of me, my mother and one of my brothers (Nalaka). After the school while you and your sister alone with us you started to whistle and sang your father`s songs. Your sister was so shy and asked you to not to sang your father`s song.But she couldn`t stop you. But you never sang or whistled in front of any one instead of us. (It was like your father he refused to sing in the kindergarten parties. He was so shy to sing in front of the known people) It is very amazing that how you whistle so perfectly. Though we are leaving in same village we do not see each other so long time. It is so happy to see you in the derana television. You grown up so much. You are so beautiful, grown up and your singing is lovely. Well done my dear. I am sure you will be a famous star in the near future. In the mean time I am not in Sri Lanka I watch the Derana T.V. dream star programme because of you. My family informed me that you are in that programme. So Dear I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST. YOU WILL BE A VERY FAMOUS STAR IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

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