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June 08, 2007


Sarad Pradhan

After watching Indian Idol III, I wonder who has made Alisa a judge for a prestigious programme like Indian Idol. She deserves something less, a judge for hip hop programme. Her presence demeans the whole set of programme. It seems she has no knowledge at all about Indian music, let alone classical. If possible, pls train her first in Indian music and bring back for judgment. It is a great insult to most aspiring candidates for Indian Idol III.


Dear Sony TV,

Hats off to your painstaking effort towards giving the talented, less fortunate an opportunity of a life time and a platform to expose and prove themselves.

However I personally feel that the effort is being tainted by lesser singers of arguable competencies like Alisha Chenoi masquerading as a judge for a show of such magnitude rubbing shoulders with great people like Javed Saab, Anu Mallik and our very own Udit Narayan , her capacity to and sense of judgment in the last few critical rounds has been rather whimsical and irresponsible with a deep undertone of racism, she seems to be giving more leverage to looks and flashy displays rather then actual talent which is the core of the show.

Her ambiguous and biased judgment towards unique and promising talent in the form of Prashant Tamang and Smita Adhikari makes one wonder whether she deserves to be there making a mockery of talent and music in all forms, if her definition of real music and X factor is just pop, hip hop and sick gyrations, I guess she is totally in the wrong place in the presence of greatness like Javed Saab.

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